We believe in the idea that public art is something that helps improve society and people’s condition. This fundamental concept figures prominently into the planning and design of a new public art project.

Sculpture Commissions

We Build Historic Monuments

Public spaces have an evolving history of usage including, visual, social, and political. The artistic direction for any public art project is influenced by these factors. We consider how the public interacts with art and balance the pragmatic functionality with the aesthetic.

Monuments and various public artworks by MacQueen can be found in France, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Canada, throughout out the USA, Mexico, Belgium and Tunisia.

“Although we had many “rough” spots in getting this project done, one of the bright spots was working with Ms. MacQueen. Ms. MacQueen took this project very seriously and worked very hard to make the project authentic and acceptable to committee members. Her talent was unmistakable. Her ability to cooperate and meet all deadlines for the project was outstanding. The committee members, as well as the citizens of Antioch and the surrounding areas, have a statue that is beautiful and will be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Jim Boccio

Chairman of the Friends of The Cannery Worker, Antioch, California