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Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation

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The goal of the foundation is to raise enlightenment and awareness in our community, state and country through Public and Private Art.

What will my donation support?

Your donations will be used to support a new project named “The Flame: Women Are the Light,” the first to be created in the United States. Women of all ethnicities and ages, generations and circumstances defy the odds against them with unrivaled regularity. By sheer force of talent, endurance and collective will, has this unrecognized brilliance been eclipsed by negligence and ignorance. It is baffling that a memorial to this genius does not exist. This is what the Elizabeth MacQueen Foundation hopes to remedy.

The Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation, Inc. wishes to submit a proposal for another USA First, a Monument to Women, “The Flame: Women Are The Light”, celebrating the bridge-building approach and outreach American women relentlessly pursue. The Monument will acknowledge the heroic achievements of women in the fields of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), Military and Defense. This historic site will serve as a place of encounter, contemplation and witness to the legacy of women’s contribution to the flourishing of this nation.

The plan involves a 35-foot stainless steel flame in an elliptical pond with a stainless steel band floating around the flame inscribed with the names of the great women who helped build our country. These names will be reflected from LED lights through the band onto the pavement surrounding the pond, creating a space where families can bring their female and male children to show them that anything is possible and the future of our country depends on the equilibrium between genders. At the top of the flame, a high-intensity green laser will beckon people from far away, lighting their path to a sanctuary.

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When you invest in the Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation, you invest in a more vibrant future! The Foundation provides the resources that artists and arts organizations need to thrive. Our goal is to provide artists with crucial support, including grants, access to additional funding sources, information resources, and professional development training.

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