Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation

Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation

Let’s make our future brighter

The goal of the foundation is to raise enlightenment and awareness in our community, state and country through Public and Private Art.

What will my donation support?

Your donations will be used to support the upcoming Women Veterans Memorial project. The project has been named “Women Are the Light,” and is a tribute to female veterans. The plan involves a 35-foot stainless steel wall featuring a fountain and flames. There are over two million female veterans. Elizabeth believes these women should be recognized and remembered. Please donate now to ensure this imprtant memorial and others become a reality.

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When you invest in the Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation, you invest in a more vibrant future! The Foundation provides the resources that artists and arts organizations need to thrive. Our goal is to provide artists with crucial support, including grants, access to additional funding sources, information resources, and professional development training.

Donate Now

We are currently setting up our online donation system. Mail a check to:

Elizabeth MacQueen Arts and Humanities Foundation
422 Clinton Ave E
Huntsville, AL 35801

We will respond with a receipt for your 501c tax-deductible donation. Please include your email address in the memo area of the check.

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September 27, 2023




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422 Clinton Ave E, Huntsville, AL 35801