Authenticity is about being genuine. Our custom art commissions give personal meaning to the beauty in your world.

Hire A Famous Sculpture Artist To Tell Your Story

Through dance and the years of reflection in the mirror of a dance studio, MacQueen intrinsically inhaled the molecular understanding of human anatomy in movement. Her love of this uniqueness, revealed in each individual’s body, is transferred into her sculptures.

Whether you want to commision a fitting memorial for a lost family member, recapture a nostalgic moment from your childhood, we can capture and reflect the significance of the memory or location through three dimensional art. Tell us your vision.

“This (sustaining the life of a Professional Artist) is a great challenge that few meet, but she has managed to do so. This continues to be her artistic goal. Whatever Elizabeth does, she does with her love of her medium whether writing, sculpting, painting or design.”Leonard Brooks

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico