It takes an experienced artist to make a work of art exist effortlessly within a unique space. It takes an even more seasoned artist to design three dimensional art for a building during the early design phase.

Commission Artwork for New Construction Projects

Bring us your blueprints! The selection and placement of art enrich and define a space. We can work from architectural blueprints, 3D files, and on site walkthroughs and translate them into design specifications for a sculpture or artwork that perfectly compliment the setting. MacQueen Fine Art often creates a central point of interest that not only acts as a visual anchor for the space but also tells a story about the location or business.

“I was amazed by the power, passion and dedication in her persistence to define her internal images. She creates finished works of great beauty that reveal human aspiration and are accessible for all to enjoy. Her attention to detail and movement, spoken from professional experience as an International dancer, choreographer, teacher, lecturer and Artistic director, are defined and clear in all her finished sculptures. The “IBIS” has been displayed internationally and is an enduring testament to the radiant beauty and strength of her work.” Margie Gillis, C.M., C.Q.

Founder of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada