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“My passion as an artist is to translate the intellect and language of the body into a three dimensional reality that symbolizes the real essence of movement, expression, human dignity, and innovative design.”

Elizabeth MacQueen – National Sculpture Society

Hilton Chooses MacQueen For Large Art Commission: Spiridoula

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Public Memorial Sculpture

Commemorating the 1963 Bombing in Birmingham Alabama

One day before the 50th anniversary of one of the most infamous events in Alabama history, statues of the four girls who lost their lives in that tragedy were unveiled. Learn more about the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing and the Four Spirits Memorial Monument by Elizabeth MacQueen. View Public Memorial
“MacQueen’s dedication to creating the finest quality historical monuments and sculptures steeped in emotion and movement is seen in her personal and commissioned work over the last 40 years. As a southerner, Elizabeth MacQueen understands the struggles this monument (or any monument) will seek to portray. Knowing her as I do, I believe she has the empathy and talent to deliver a heroic design of unsurpassed beauty, emotion and power.” Julian Bond

Six Term Georgia State Senator