“Ms. MacQueen’s dedication to creating the finest quality historical monuments and sculptures steeped in emotion and movement is seen in her personal and commissioned work over the last 40 years. As a southerner, Elizabeth MacQueen, understands the struggles this monument (and any commissioned or self inspired piece) will seek to portray. Knowing her as I do, I believe she has the empathy and talent to deliver a heroic design of unsurpassed beauty, emotion and power.”

Julian Bond

Six Terms Georgia State Senator, 4 Terms Georgia House of Representatives,
Chairman of NAACP, Founder of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee),
President of Southern Poverty Law Center. Washington, DC.

“This (sustaining the life of a Professional Artist) is a great challenge that few meet, but she has managed to do so. This continues to be her artistic goal. Whatever Elizabeth does, she does with her love of her medium whether writing, sculpting, painting or design.”

Leonard Brooks

Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“I was amazed by the power, passion and dedication in her persistence to define her internal images. She creates finished works of great beauty that reveal human aspiration and are accessible for all to enjoy. Her attention to detail and movement, spoken from professional experience as an International dancer, choreographer, teacher, lecturer and Artistic director, are defined and clear in all her finished sculptures. The “IBIS” has been displayed internationally and is an enduring testament to the radiant beauty and strength of her work.”

Margie Gillis, C.M., C.Q.

Founder of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Although we had many “rough” spots in getting this project done, one of the bright spots was working with Ms. MacQueen. Ms. MacQueen took this project very seriously and worked very hard to make the project authentic and acceptable to committee members. Her talent was unmistakable. Her ability to cooperate and meet all deadlines for the project was outstanding. The committee members, as well as the citizens of Antioch and the surrounding areas, have a statue that is beautiful and will be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Jim Boccio

Chairman of the Friends of The Cannery Worker, Antioch, California

“Should you have the pleasure of working with Elizabeth and Don, I believe you find, as we did, that they are enthusiastic, creative and responsive. We all found it a pleasure to work with competent, trustworthy craftspeople who could meet timelines and work well with City staff.”

Ken Alsman

Economic Development Manager, City of Mountain View, CA